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Providing Quality Mechanical Consulting

SAF produces its products with 20 years of experience in Mechanical Engineering and design. This experience ranges from initial concepts and studies to product development and operational usage.

SAF capabilities include a strong working knowledge of the engineering process, configuration management and quality control.

Some examples of the capabilities are:

  • Mechanical Mechanism Design
  • Development of Prototypes
  • System and Component Testing
  • Conceptual Designs
  • Configuration Management for Engineering
  • Studies and Research
  • Value Analysis Applications

  • Remote Handling
  • Mechanism and Tool Design
  • 3D Modeling Using Solid Works and Solid Edge
  • Energy Management\HVAC
  • Human Factors
  • Finite Elements
  • DOE Government programs such as NQA1, Safety Class
  • Radiation and Hazardous Worker
  • Safety Analysis (DOE 3009) 

Spanish Consulting

SAF Productions, LLC can provide consulting in Spanish if required.
Our consultant has 20 plus years of Spanish speaking, writing, and teaching experience.  
For more information, please contact Gina Tedeschi. 


Commercial Projects

Advanced Medical Isotope Corp.

Areva NP

Blue Water Technologies

Cadwell Labs

Fluor Federal

Hewlett Packer



Impact (AMEC)


Northwest Jet Boats

Ray Poland & Sons 

Government Projects

Areva Federal Services


Bechtel SAIC

Columbia Energy & Environmental Services

Energy Northwest

Energy Solutions

Fluor Hanford

Washington River Protection

Westinghouse Hanford




Sunrise Canyon